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Research; scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry

Smithson Mills specializes in research services for community and economic development projects. Whether it is measuring project economic impacts, feasibility studies, business plans, or market research, Smithson Mills has both the education & experience to produce high-quality publications that assist with project management and implementation. In Since 2002, Mills has led and assisted with projects for the establishment of community value-added food production systems. Several examples of research activities are presented here.

Developing Shared-Use Food & Agricultural Facilities in North Carolina

Assessed the development of food business incubation facilities throughout the state, including regional food processing centers, community kitchens, and value-added agricultural facilties.

Read more> North Carolina Shared Use Facilities (in PDF format, click here if you do not have Acrobat Reader)

Feasibility Study on Establishing a Small Scale Small Animal Processing Facility for Independent Producers in NC

Smithson Mills led a team of experts in assessing all aspects of project establishment, including production and market demand, site selection, and cost analysis for an inspected slaughter and processing facility for poultry and rabbit producers.

Read more> Feasiblity study for establishing a small scale small animal slaughter facility

The WNC Agricultural Tourism and Crop Diversification Demonstration Program

This was an economic impact study conducted in cooperation with HandMade in America. Mills measured economic impacts of micro-grants to 76 farmers in western North Carolina.